The Auburn Funk Box Derby is back another year! The Derby was first introduced in Auburn from 1982-1992, went into funky hibernation and then woke up the streets of Auburn again in 2010. We are planning and anticipating another great time in the late summer of 2017. 
This is a "family friendly event' designed for all age groups. We'll begin with a delicious pancake breakfast (sponsored by the Auburn Jeep Club) beginning at 8 am, there will be activities for the kids, a variety of vendor booths, music is scheduled during the day and of course the derby cars. Cars will begin showing up at 9 am for safety check-in and be on display for everyone to enjoy. The race day activities will begin around 11am and should be completed around 2 pm. This may take longer depending on size of derby field.
The Auburn Funk Box Derby is designed for fun, a historical event that re-captures the time back in 1982. For all who were there were glad you have made it back! For the kids and their first time this is your event, There is nothin' more fun than rollin' down a hill, gaining speed and beaming with a BIG SMILE! Bring your parents and watch for your favorite car! Its also for everyone in between, kids who were there in the 80's remember! Those kids are now are one of our supporters and groups we support-Auburn's 20-30 Club! To continue supporting children in the local community all cars drivers must be ages of 8 and up. 
This event is also a fun(d) raiser, all monies after expenses are paid flow to the non profit organization;
Auburn's 20-30 Club, who buy Christmas gifts for under privledged children.
We hope to see you in 2017, feel free to contact us with any questions,