The Auburn Funkbox Derby 2017!

We are reworking the event and looking at a late summer 2017 date. 

We would like everyone to know that Jimmy Wall is not part of the planning committee for the Funk Box Derby. Although we appreciate Jim's enthusiasm and passion for the event the Auburn Funk Box Derby is owned and operated by the Auburn 20-30 Club.

If you have ideas for the derby or would like to be involved please feel free to contact us. 530-830-2142

Thank you from the members of Auburn 20-30.

Start building your cars now for this great community event, be creative, funky and wild with your design.  Visit the rules page for more information on basic car design and also visit David Howland Potter Photography for inspiration from past cars. If you have any questions about the event or how to build a car please contact us for more information.

Here are some ideas of places to get parts and things to help you build your car:
    Sierra Saw Power Equipment Center: occasionally has old riding mower and lawn mower parts.
    A recycling center for old bicycle parts, wagons and such.
One persons junk can be the start to your creation, have fun and we hope to see you at the derby.

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Visit the official photographer of the Funk Box Derby for high quality images.
David Howland Potter Photography